Tiffany & Co entering NFT market with “NFTiffs”

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Renowned jewelry brand Tiffany&Co has decided to follow time’s trends with the help of “NFTiffs”. They opened their digital storefront in collaboration with the blockchain tech company “Chain” and NFT collection “CrytoPunks” on August 5th.

A limited collection of 250 custom jewel-encrusted pendants, NFTiffs, were sold only to CryptoPunk owners, granting them the opportunity to redeem passes into a physical pendant of their CryptoPunk and matching NFT authentication. Each CryptoPunk is unique with a combination of 87 possible attributes and 159 colors. This uniqueness is mirrored in every pendant especially as each resembles the customer’s CryptoPunk with at least 30 gemstones such as 18-karat gold, sapphire, diamond and etc.

One of these passes sold for 30 Ethereum, which was worth around US$50.000. All passes were sold out within two days, marking the success with $12.500.000 of revenue generated in total.

As such, Tiffany&Co is historic and innovative brand which never stopped challenging for 185 years of its history. The brand’s staff should also need to deliver their brand’s special journey to their customer and LBI had chance to train the boutique and office staff of Tiffany&Co successfully under the theme of the “Art of storytelling”.