Define Your NeedsDefine

This phase is crucial to understanding the client’s brand, market, customer profile, internal organization, and specificities.

As consultants, we analyze the specific case of each unique organization within different teams. We build for and with them, solutions to business issues, related to improving performance and quality of service.

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Work with ExpertsDesign

All collected data are used as a reference manual to develop customized training contents and pedagogical materials according to the brand’s specific objectives and participants profile.

The “Design” stage is also fundamental as it outlines the learning path.

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Learn from Real Case StudyDeploy

LBI Korea promotes an innovative teaching approach by facilitating the training and enhancing interactivity between participants and the facilitator.

Based on upstream work, the LBI Korea team fosters communication, using real case studies and creative learning tools that make the training more practical with applicable solutions.

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Observe the ImprovementDrive

It is essential to continuously consolidate and improve our training participants’ skills. As human capital is a long term investment, it has tremendous impact on the company’s bottom line.

Therefore, LBI Korea develops unique follow-up services by implementing monitoring and improvement solutions.

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