LBI provides on-site focused training and customer
service solutions, targeting all luxury & premium
sectors at customer touchpoints.

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LBI's Success Stories:
Providing Tailor-made Customer Service Solutions

LBI is the top partner that various companies and luxury brands trust and rely on.

Hyundai Motor Company
Luxury CS Consulting

Duration: 2010~2014
Scope of Work:
Top Management Luxury Leadership Program
Global Benchmarking Research and Seminars for Top Automobile Masters & CS Team
Flagship Store CS Project

Hyundai Motor Company
Operation Staff Education Consulting

Duration: 2015~2016
Scope of Work:
Development of Training Programs
Pilot Training and Main Training
Conducting Test Drive Training
Key Customer Service Evaluation
Development of Training and Creation of Lecture Materials​

Hyundai Motor Company
Building a Luxury CS System and Training

Duration: 2019~2022
Scope of Work:
Development of Luxury Service Models and Guidelines
Development of Training and On-site Coaching Programs
Development of a Mystery Shopping Program
Development of Employee Motivation Programs
Education Across all Genesis Locations​

Hyundai Motor Company
Opening consulting for VIP lounge at the 5-star Seoul Shilla Hotel​

Duration: 2H 2022
Scope of Work:
Planning, Design and Development of Service Guidelines
Development of Service Touch Points at Each Customer Experience Stage
Development of Service Scripts and Checklists
Customization of Lecture Materials for Training

Samsung Electronics
Development and Education of Luxury Service Guidelines

Duration: 2019~2022
Scope of Work:
Customer Service and On-site Situation Diagnosis
Development of Clienteling Guideline Manuals
Development of Customized Training Programs
On-site Coaching and Training

Bluebell Korea
Customized training and regular seminars per job group

Duration: 2009~2022
Scope of Work:
Development and Education of Training Programs by Job Group
Regular Seminars for Store Managers and Office Management
Recruitment and New Employee Onboarding Associated Programs
Mystery Shopping

Development of Service Manuals and Consulting for High-End Residential Brands

Duration: 2022~2023
Scope of Work:
Diagnosis of Current Customer Service Situations​
Development of Service Guideline Manuals at the Level of a 5-Star Hotel​
Employee Training Based on Manuals​
Production of Video Training Materials​

The Core and Unique Features of LBI Training

Tailored to Each Client Company's Distinct Needs
Customized Training Programs
With Careers in the Luxury CS & Retail Industry
Experienced Professional Instructors
Immediately Applied in Practice
On-site Focused Training & Field Coaching
A Solution Packed with LBI's Unique Expertise
‘Recruitment & Training’ Combined Solution
Post-Diagnosis and On-Site Inspections
Follow-up Training & Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable partner?

We have the expertise and resources that can elevate your business to a new level.
We invite you to experience the innovative power of LBI's training and customer service solutions firsthand.

Over 16 years of experience in
providing training and CS solutions

Training results that
satisfy over 105
corporate clients

Possession of over 65
meticulously designed
extensive training modules

Over 180 experts both
domestically and internationally

Conducted over 10,300
successful training sessions

Maximizing Customer Experience and Cultivating Top Talent
for Enhanced Sales Performance

LBI's Training Solutions, Rich with Years of Experience and Expertise
Are you dissatisfied with sales staff who solely prioritize key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Prioritize customers at the core of your sales strategy.

Did you face challenges in finding and retaining experienced and dedicated staff?

Unleash the power of effective talent management.

Are you aiming to improve sales performance and achieve remarkable growth?

Elevate your sales performance to new heights.

LBI's Specialized Services

We provide solutions for optimizing client performance and enhancing customer satisfaction. Even in unique and demanding work environments, we cultivate a luxurious mindset and offer the necessary techniques and expertise to surpass existing capabilities and take them to the next level.

Store & Service

Development of
service manuals

Customized training
program design

Corporate training


E-Learning online

Professional trainer

Specialized seminars
for businesses

Tailor-made Customer Service Solutions
for B2B Corporate Clients

This program is designed for companies and organizations that prioritize direct interaction with customers as a key element in their operations, focusing on sales, talent acquisition, and improving customer satisfaction.
Luxury, Retail
(Department stores, shopping malls, brands etc)
(Hotel, restaurant, bar)
Customer Service Enterprise
(Call Center or Contactless Customer Experience)
Sales-oriented organizations
(Car dealerships, etc.)
Franchise businesses
(For consistent customer experience)
Premium construction &
real estate brands
Travel-related brands
(Airlines, travel agencies, etc.)
VIP medical facilities
(Hospitals, clinics)
Financial institutions, banks,
etc. catering to VIP customers

Real-world Focused Training Program
for Individual Learners

This program is designed for individual learners who play a significant role in managing customer experiences, leading teams, and driving sales performance in areas such as retail, premium customer service, and sales expertise. It offers substantial value to these learners.
Brand Manager,
In-house Trainers &
Sales Experts
Customer service
Manager and leader
HR (Human Resources)
Entrepreneur &
business owner
Career changer

Since 2009 until now, our clients have been at the forefront of redefining the concept of luxury. LBI stands as the premier partner of choice for clients in the luxury market.