Luxury Brands that Protect Animals

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Every year on October 4th is World Animal Day, which reminds us of the importance of animal protection. As criticism of animal cruelty increases, and the importance of animal ethics is emphasized, various countries are taking part in animal protection. Accordingly, the fashion industry is also showing interest in animal protection by shouting “Vegan Fashion” and “Fure Free”.

1/ Kering Group’s fur-free declaration 

French luxury fashion group Kering will stop using animal fur across its brands starting with its Fall 2022 collection. François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of the Kering Group, said in a statement: “For many years, Kering has been committed to driving sustainability and improving practices for animal welfare. Now is the time to stop using fur and go a step further. The world and customers are changing, and luxury should naturally adapt to it,” he said, emphasizing the group’s idea of animal welfare. Following this declaration, Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Bottega Bethetta, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, and all other brands belonging to the Kering Group will design clothes without using animal fur.


2/ The development of Gucci’s Vegan Leather

Gucci’s CEO Bizarri told the 2017 Kering Talk program in London, England, that since the 2018 SS Collection, he hasn’t released products using animal fur and will strive for animals and the environment, as well as fulfill his social responsibilities. In fact, they have not used fur in any designs since then, and in June of last year, after two years of research, they developed a vegan leather called “Demetra”, which is based on vegetable ingredients such as wood pulp and viscose. Recently, Gucci has launched their sneakers line using this vegan leather and plans to use vegan leather in all collections as well as the sneakers.


3/ Copenhagen Fashion Week bans fur

Last August, at the 2023 S/S Collection Fashion Week in Copenhagen, Denmark, the organizer “Cecilier Cosmark” announced that fur would be banned from all brands and shows participating in the following collections. This is the first time that Fashion Week itself, rather than the brand, has banned fur, and the announcement was even more meaningful in that Denmark is the world’s largest fur producer.




4/ Hermes’ mushroom-skin bag

Hermes collaborated with Mycoworks, an eco-friendly startup located in California, USA, to develop ‘Sylvania’, a leather made from mushroom mycelium. Mycoworks is a company that uses biochemicals to make artificial leather similar to natural leather. Hermès uses Sylvania to recreate the popular “Victoria Bag” with a mushroom leather version. This Victoria bag was completed with the participation of artisans in the same way as the conventional process except for the type of leather.



5/ Elle’s fur photos are banned
Last December, the world-famous fashion magazine ‘Elle’ officially announced that all fur photos were banned from their magazines, websites, and social media. This included press photos, runway photos, etc., and promotional comments about animal fur were also prohibited. As soon as the declaration was announced, Elle magazines in 39 countries around the world, including the US, France, UK, Sweden, and Elle Korea, expressed their will to participate. Elle Korea has subsequently banned fur from magazines from January 2022.


Luxury Business Group, as a partner of various fashion brands, supports many activities to protect animals together with them.