Rimowa's Tireless Challenging Spirit and Collaborations with Other Brands

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Many travelers can be seen at the airports as entry restrictions for Covid 19 have recently been loosened at the borders. In the exciting process of packing luggage while thinking about the travel destination, the brand that many people choose for a suitcase these days is undoubtedly Rimowa.  

An high-quality and luxury suitcase brand, Rimowa was first launched in 1898 in Cologne, Germany. The brand has steadily developed under the philosophy of "Always looked for ways to make travel better.” Paul Morszeck, the founder of Rimowa, initially produced wooden suitcases in early days, and he always wondered how he could make a lighter bag. One day, a fire blew the factory out, all the materials used for bags such as wood and leather burned out except for aluminum which were used for some accessories. Inspired by this accident, Paul Morszeck began to design an aluminum suitcase and at that time, his son Richard Morszeck also joined the company. The world's first aluminum suitcase was first released in 1937. This innovative suitcase was strong and light, so it was popular among many travelers especially among filmmakers, photographers, and reporters who frequently carries delicate equipment from tropical humidity and polar cold. The design was also a hot topic, the ‘Groove design (narrow, long-grooved design on the outside of the suitcase)’ inspired by the plane of Junkers (a German aircraft company) hit the trend of the 1950s air travel popularization era. In this way, Rimowa, which brought innovation from materials and design, has emerged as a synonym for the current luxury suitcase. But Rimowa was never satisfied, and they continued to develop. They again succeeded in developing a new suitcase material with polycarbonate, which can withstand the most heat and cold, and even developed a Transport Security Administration (TSA) locking device in the U.S. to easily open the suitcase without damaging it during security checks. 

Rimowa is now collaborating with a variety of luxury brands to approach customers with fresh images as well as features. 

1/ Porsche x Rimowa -2022.04 

Last April, Rimowa collaborated with German luxury car brand Porsche and released limited-edition “Pepita.” Pepita is a hand-carrying case inspired by the first-generation Porsche 911, and it has a Porsche logo on it. Only 911 pieces were sold with a different serial number, which stimulated the collector's desire to own them. (KRW 2.99million) 

2/ Fendi x Rimowa -2021.08 

Rimowa and Fendi combined each brand’s luxurious sensibility when designing a carry-on suitcase. Featuring a leather covered handle and covered by Zucca patterns both inside and out, a unique looking suitcase was created.  (KRW 4.1million) 

3/ Moncler x Rimowa -2020.09 

The suitcase ‘Reflection’, using a glossy mirror material, released in collaboration with Moncler brings up the image of its glossy down jacket. The collection’s name well represents the image. . Padded fabric was used for the inside, and many accessories symbolizing Mocler were also sold including padded pouch, carrier belt, etc. (KRW 3.83 million) 

4/ Dior x Rimowa -2020.01 
This was Dior's first collection of travel packages. ‘Daily Personal Clutch’ designed by Kim Jones from Dior Man has been released. In the miniature form of the Rimowa suitcase, this clutch can also be used as a handbag with a leather strap engraved with the Dior’s logo and is available in four different colors: silver, black, pink, and blue. (KRW 2.82 million) 

Rimowa’s continuous innovation in its design always excites us. As a partner of Rimowa, Luxury Business Group always respects the brand philosophy and tireless challenging spirit pursued by Rimowa.