Genderless Fashion, a Global Phenonmenon, and The Trend of Luxury Brands

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Genderless fashion became a global phenomenon with the MZ generations inspiring messages of self-acceptance and self-love. Generation MZ is all about self-expression that goes beyond conventional gender bounds. Also, it is not a trend we will soon lose sight of because powerful celebrities and luxury brands are sending the same message.


Celebrities like Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet, V from BTS, and Park Bo-Gum embrace gender-fluid fashion and their fans around the world were awe of their outfits. Harry Styles launched a line of nail polish that was formerly associated only with women. The gender-neutrality and self-expression fever has gripped the entire fashion industry, from up-and-coming designers like Jacquemus to luxury brand like Louis Vuitton.


One of the leading luxury brands for genderless fashion is Celine. First having brought the style to the runway was from their F/W Fashion Week show in 2020 with "Boy Doll" collection directed by Hedi Slimane. Park Bo-Gum showed his interest in this style and his enthusiasm didn’t end there; he was recently named as the new Global Ambassador of Celine.  


As many partners of Luxury Business Group are expressing their own gender norms in unique and creative ways, we truly feel pride in their works, and we always support and respect our partners.