Daniel Mayran of LBG Named Seoul's Honorary Citizen

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Daniel Mayran, Chairman of Luxury Business Group (LBG), has been awarded the honorary citizenship of Seoul and has been selected as a foreign honorary citizen of the city.

Since 1958, Seoul has recognized 913 foreigners from 100 countries for their significant contributions. This year, 15 candidates were selected as foreign honorary citizens for their contributions to the development of city governance or the enhancement of citizens' lives and cultural activities. The honorary citizenship ceremony was held at Seoul City Hall on the 8th.


Chairman Daniel Mayran of Luxury Business Group (LBG) [Photo by Luxury Business Group (LBG)]


Daniel Mayran, who has served at Air France and Le Meridien Hotels and joined Bluebell Korea in 2002, has been recognized for his over 20 years of consistent sponsorship of cultural and artistic events in Korea and France. He has also been acknowledged for his leadership in environmental management at Ichon Hangang Park and his efforts in sustainability, encouraging employee participation.

He has significantly influenced discussions on Korea's luxury trends as a member of the luxury committee of the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce. As the founder of Luxury Business Group (LBG), his contributions in luxury service consulting and education have been recognized.

Moreover, Mr. Mayran has been honored for his patronage in cultural and artistic activities and for promoting French culture in Asia. In May 2023, he received the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, a French cultural and artistic merit award from the French Ministry of Culture.


Chairman Daniel Mayran, upon being selected as an honorary citizen of Seoul, expressed, “Seoul is a unique city where the legacy of the past harmoniously blends with modern industries. Its dynamic business environment and cultural richness attract global innovators and creative minds. As a citizen of Seoul, it is an honor to contribute to the city's sustainable development and cultural diversity, and I will continue to positively impact the local and global community.