LBG participates city development project Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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On June 4th, Daniel Mayran the Chairman and Founder of Luxury Business Group (LBG), and Long Dimanche, the Deputy Governor of Preah Sihanouk Province, shared their vision for the development and prosperity of the city. They held an in-depth discussion on the current status and future vision of the city, planning the "Peninsula Bay Project," a key initiative for Sihanoukville's growth.


The "Peninsula Bay Project" is a large-scale real estate development that includes luxury resorts and retail spaces. It is poised to play a crucial role in elevating Sihanoukville to a premium tourist destination in Asia. The success of this project is closely tied to the overall development plan of the city and its coastal area, offering a valuable opportunity to attract luxury brands and global tourists.

The city's development plan, encompassing the "Peninsula Bay Project," aims to expand infrastructure, further expand transportation systems, and create an eco-friendly urban environment. The synergy between the project and these plans is essential for establishing Sihanoukville as a world-renown tourism and business hub.


The successful implementation of Sihanoukville's development plans is directly linked to the success of the Peninsula Bay Project. Therefore, this will enable Sihanoukville to achieve sustainable growth and emerge as one of the most attractive travel destinations in Asia. The insights and vision shared during this meeting have clarified the direction for the Sihanoukville project involving Luxury Business Group (LBG), and we are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes based on this foundation.