Luxury Business Talent
Human Dimension and Talent Acquisition
Armed with a multi-faceted approach, we provide ‘High Impact Talent Management Solutions’ with a higher echelon of talent from entry level positions to top executive positions.

Recruitment and Human Resource Development

Building upon our 10-year experience in training and consulting in the Service & Luxury Industries. We have differentiated ourselves on the recruitment market by offering our unique expertise and understanding of the Human Capital. At LBT, we believe that it is the personality of the Talent we source that makes them truly special and valuable to your organization. Sourcing the right Talent is the very first step to make a difference and ensures our clients’ satisfaction.
Flexible Recruitment Offers


Agile services to answer your recruitment needs by sourcing Talent on a project-by-project basis


A collaborative method to ensure your vacancies are filled in a timely-manner

Key Account

Allocation of all necessary resources to source the Talents that you need on a regular basis

Search & Train

LBI’s unique and bespoke offer blending recruitment and training services to go the extra mile

Key Features of LBTalent
LBTalent 4D Methodology
Our Talent Acquisition Process
Our Service Scope
We are dedicated to the luxury and retail industries and connect business between Europe and Asia.

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