Company Introduction
From Consultation to Operation,
It‘s All About Luxury
Luxury Business Group (LBG) is a global consulting and operating firm developing businesses bridging Europe and Asia specializing in the luxury and retail industries. LBG consists of three business units: △LBP(Partners) for business consulting and development, △LBT(Talent) for recruitment and talent identification, and △LBI(Institute) for tailor-made training programs and customer experience contents. By combining these three business units, the Luxury Business Group provides a comprehensive solution for the luxury sector, from consulting to operations, and sets clear standards of the luxury sector for customers.
Shaping the Future of Luxury Together

Luxury Business Group (LBG) is a global consulting firm dedicated to the growth of luxury and premium businesses developed and evolved from the creation of the Luxury Business Institute in Seoul, Korea, in 2009.

Integrated Service for Your Growth and Success

Luxury Business Group supports the development of the most prestigious luxury and premium brands through a wide range of solutions, from business strategy development, quality of service assessment, and executive search, to training strategy and customization.

Quality Management Expert of Luxury Industries

In addition, Luxury Business Group continuously helps brands and companies reach the quality standards of the luxury industry in Asia and Europe.

Exploring Sustainable Business and Development

Today, Luxury Business Group is seeking practical and creative ways to capture various business opportunities and sustain the development of the luxury industry by serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Luxury Business Group Connecting Asia and Europe
CEO’s Message

I am often asked about the difference between luxury and premium. In one word, luxury is Exceptional (a brand exceptionally outstanding), and premium is Selective (a brand differentiated from the general brand classified as Mass market).

Real luxury must meet three primary conditions: exceptional product, exceptional service, and exceptional designer or artisan, and when it is finally exceptionally presented with savoir-faire in an exceptional environment, the "perfect luxury that customers dream of" has been completed.

As such, luxury is all about detail and quality of service, and understanding the true definition of luxury is essential. Therefore, Luxury Business Group was established to support a variety of luxury brands, experts, and potential projects in the Asian and European markets.

First of all, the Asian luxury market has grown rapidly in recent decades, has focused on quantitative growth, and lacks appropriate business strategies and resources due to a lack of understanding of "luxury."

In particular, it is necessary to develop areas that prioritize training in quality of service and foster customers' emotional experiences. Luxury Business Group leverages the practical experience and expertise of professionals in the European luxury industry to provide high-quality business consulting, operational solutions, and human resource solutions that uniquely serve the Asian luxury market.

Also, Luxury Business Group helps European brands that want to expand their business to the Asian market, which has unlimited potential, and successfully launch their business and settle into the local market.

Luxury Business Group consists of three business units: Luxury Business Partners (LBP) for business development, Luxury Business Talent (LBT) for recruitment, and Luxury Business Institute (LBI) for training and customer experience design. As we integrate these three business units to offer our clients total retail solutions from consulting to operations, we will become an indispensable reference to our clients in the luxury business world.”

Daniel Mayran
Chairman & CEO

Luxury Business Group’s Business Structure
Development and Growth of the Company
Luxury Business Group History
2020 ~ 2023
Establishment of Luxury Business Group
  • Organizational development and company name change to Luxury Business Group (LBG)
  • Three departments – LBP(Partners), LBT(Talent), and LBI(Institute) – are under the umbrella of LBG and have started providing integrated services.
2017 ~ 2019
LBI Beijing office opens (2017)
LBI Busan office opens (2017)
LBI Paris office opens (2017)
LBI Incheon office opens (2017)
Launching LBU business (2018)
  • Development of digital training offers
  • Perfumes, cosmetics and lifestyle specializations
  • Talent acquisition service
  • Consulting/expertise service
  • New international development in Asia
2010 ~ 2016
LBI Shanghai office opens (2014)
LBI Jeju office opens (2015)
  • The establishment and growth of brands from long-lasting partners (LVMH, Kering, Richemont etc.)
  • Hospitality specialization
  • Partnership with INSEEC Group
  • Creation of a Luxury Committee composed of eminent luxury professionals in Paris
  • Mystery shopping services
Luxury Business Institute Korea opens in Seoul
  • Acquisition of Luxury Attitude Training contents
  • Training to Trainers (TTT) by Luxury Attitude to LBI
  • Retail specialization